5 reasons to choose a private certifier with ISO 9001

by | May 11, 2017 | MBC Group update

With so much competition in the Sydney market, how do you find a private certifier you can trust to deliver quality outcomes? One option is to choose a company with ISO 9001 certification. It’s an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems, so you can feel confident at every stage of development.

MBC Group holds ISO 9001 certification and is independently audited, to ensure we maintain quality assurance for every project. The standards cover a range of areas, with a focus on meeting the needs of our clients throughout the building certification process. Here are five reasons to consider a private certifier with ISO 9001 certification.

1. Continuous Improvement

The ISO 9001 standard is focused on continuous improvement and results, rather than folders of paperwork that are placed on a shelf to gather dust. This flexibility means we can adapt the guidelines to suit our clients, with performance measures specifically designed for each area of our business. Our focus on continuous improvement also allows us to identify better ways of working, so we can reduce the risk of errors and ensure the developments we certify are both safe and compliant.

2. Customer Satisfaction

While ISO 9001 is designed to improve the customer experience, it’s more than simply ensuring the company delivers a high standard of customer service. The certification process looks at what goes on behind the scenes to support the delivery products and services. For example, MBC has strong communication processes in place so clients can access MBC Directors and other members of their team easily. It also ensures Accredited Building Certifiers can respond quickly with the information that clients need for their certification.

3. Streamlined Methodology

Our streamlined methodology sets us apart from other private certifiers in Sydney. It reflects our decades of experience in the building industry and naturally supports the ISO 9001 accreditation process, which aims to reduce inefficiencies and errors. By providing clients with a dedicated team for each project—including an MBC Director and Accredited Building Certifier—and storing all documentation securely in the cloud, we can quickly identify non-compliances and help clients meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

4. Evidence-Based Decision Making

One of the main principles of ISO 9001 accreditation is ensuring that all business decisions are based on evidence. This is particularly important for our Accredited Building Certifiers, who are responsible for ensuring developments are safe for occupation by the general public. Our streamlined, paperless systems are designed so the information we need is readily available to everyone in our team, no matter where they are. This allows us to stay agile and reduce delays to building certifications.

5. Employee Engagement

Employees are integral to the way quality improvement processes are designed and implemented, which is why they’re an important part of the ISO 9001 accreditation process. We value and invest in our staff, providing ongoing education and training that not only enhances their career, but also improves the quality of outcomes delivered to clients. Our ‘always learning’ attitude also allows us to keep our finger on the pulse, so we can help clients navigate the ongoing legislative and regulatory changes in NSW.

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