Complying Development Certificates

MBC Group can assist your project, issuing a Complying Development Certificate that combines approval for use of the land and the building construction works.

Our team of accredited certifiers have extensive experience with government and industry. We have expert knowledge in building regulations, required certifications and related fields, which means we can give clear guidance and practical solutions to simplify the compliance process for you.

With wide-ranging experience gained from years in certification, the construction industry, as well as local Councils, we have the necessary expertise to deliver projects of all sizes across crown, commercial, and industrial developments.

We’ve built a reputation for being personable, responsive, proactive and reliable. Get in touch today to find out why.

Construction Certificates

MBC Group is skilled at assessing applications for Construction Certificates in NSW. Each of our accredited certifiers is an expert on relevant State and Council requirements enabling us to clearly interpret and advise on relevant development consent requirements.

Your project will be looked after by one of our accredited certifiers who is dedicated to your development from start to finish. Our proactive approach, to preempt any potential issues, ensures that your development is compliant from the beginning, which gives a better outcome for all involved.

Benefit from our extensive experience and our Registered Certifiers who hold “building surveyor—unrestricted” accreditation, that allows us to provide performance solutions that offer a bespoke approach to compliance and flexibility in your design.

Occupation Certificates

As a Principal Certifier, MBC Group can produce an Occupation Certificate once the construction that we have been appointed on is complete.

MBC Group will identify the matters that need to be addressed, in order to issue the Occupation Certificate prior to works commencing. This means you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s required and can collate this information during construction, rather than after it’s complete.

Our goal is to minimise disruption to you and your team and help your development to run on time and on budget.

Crown Approvals

Government bodies need to comply with State building regulations consider the impact of activities on the physical environment, social and cultural spheres, and economic impacts under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act).

MBC Group are highly experienced in Crown development, for works by, or on behalf of, a public authority such as government infrastructure or a building used for public administrative purposes, such as a police station or court. Your dedicated MBC Group team member will simplify the process and ensure your development complies with the Building Code of Australia.

Our Registered Certifiers with “building surveyor—unrestricted” accreditation enable us to offer tailored performance solutions to help you achieve compliance.

Our Approach

MBC Group has worked hard to refine our building certification approach to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our building certifiers are highly experienced and able to manage large, complex projects involving many stakeholders.

With a reputation for being proactive, personal and accessible, we help ensure that your development runs to schedule and achieves compliance quickly and seamlessly.


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