Step 1:

The earlier you engage us, the better the outcome for your project. Working with MBC during the feasibility stage means that we’re able to identify possible non-compliances in the building design so that you may address these early, thereby ensuring project deliverables in terms of time, cost and quality, are achieved to the highest standard.

We start working together with an initial meeting to review the draft schematic plans and discuss how your site will be used. The BCA assessment commences, to assess your development against the deemed-to-satisfy requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

Proposed prformance solutions are assessed by MBC Group to ensure that your development complies

You’ll have a dedicated team who are committed to getting the best possible outcomes on your behalf.

Step 2:

Once your design is underway, we’ll produce a BCA Capability Statement informing the local council and other government authorities that MBC is involved in the certification process and that the building achieves BCA compliance, with no major changes proposed to its design or appearance. Our experience and reputation gives your stakeholders confidence at this critical juncture.

Our BCA certifiers will continue to work closely with you as the designs are finalisedand provide expert advice on each draft. Once the designs are nearing completion, we’ll issue a detailed BCA report that identifies each clause of the BCA where further information is needed, where you have achieved compliance, or where non-compliances are identified so that your team can review and respond.

Our streamlined workflow means it’s easy to see which items have been resolved or need further action, saving you time, and ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Step 3:

The certification process can be complex, detailed and onerous. That’s where we come in. We simplify the certification process by clearly interpreting relevant legislation so that you understand what’s required and can avoid unnecessary delays.

Once your fire engineer has addressed any performance solutions , we’ll submit an application for an initial Fire Safety Report to Fire and Rescue NSWYour BCA certifier will review your Development Application and summarise the information you need to provide, including statements and certificates from external consultants. We’ll assist you in gathering all necessary information required to issue a Construction Certificate.

Step 4:

You’ll always know where you stand regarding achieving compliance for your development construction. As well as overseeing works and performing mandatory inspections, your MBC team will do additional checks to highlight any issues that may arise so that you may address them immediately to avoid ballooning expenses and timelines. Our BCA certifiers are always available to answer your questions at any time.

Step 5:

Our critical stage inspections and progress inspections highlight any potential issues with the development in advance, so that you have time to address them before the assessment process begins. You’ll receive a detailed list of what’s required as part of the Occupation Certificate application process, including final inspections.

We’re always available to answer your questions, address any issues, and keep all stakeholders informed at every stage. Once we’re satisfied that your development is suitable for occupation under the Building Code of Australia, we’ll issue an Occupation Certificate and our work will be complete.

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