Bonnyrigg Estate Redevelopment

Project Size
3,000 homes over 81ha
$225 million

This renewal project is completely transforming the former Bonnyrigg housing estate that originally comprised of around 830 concentrated social housing properties and a few private dwellings. There are 18 redevelopment stages proposed in total, which will deliver around 3,000 new mixed tenure homes over the project’s lifecycle. New homes will be targeted at a mix of 30% social housing and 70% private housing. Medium-density, multi-unit buildings of up to 6 storeys will be located close to public transport, local services, parks, cafes and outdoor dining.

Redevelopment works under Stages 7b-11 commenced in 2023 to deliver 275 more homes including 65 new social homes for people in need. A new community centre has recently been completed and will become the focal point for all aspects of community life for residents, with a large hall for social and cultural activities, meeting rooms, a kitchen and play areas for children. To date, 690 new dwellings were delivered in the earlier Stages 1-7a, including 256 new social housing homes, alongside 7 hectares of new and improved parklands. Trees will be planted to reduce heat and 25% of the finished site will be naturally shaded. The development also includes 13 hectares of open space and more than 4 km of new pedestrian and cycle paths.

The approved modifications to the Bonnyrigg concept plan permit an increase of 20 per cent more homes, which span a mix of one and two-bedroom apartments, with a maximum building height of up to six-storeys.

In this ambitious development, MBC Group highlights its expertise and capability in residential projects. Our engagement was focused on ensuring the new homes meet stringent compliance standards, providing quality and safety in urban development.

Challenges and Strategies

MBC Group was tasked with a critical yet focused challenge: to certify that the new developments within the Bonnyrigg project adhered to regulatory requirements. This responsibility came with its unique set of strategies:

Accredited Certifier Role: MBC Group leveraged its accredited certifiers to evaluate, approve, and oversee the demolition of existing structures and the construction of new homes, ensuring they met the NCC and relevant Australian standards.

Complying Development Certificates (CDC): A streamlined approach was adopted to issue CDCs for each dwelling, involving thorough assessments of architectural details and site inspections before approval, ensuring each phase of construction complied with the relevant provisions.

Impact and Results

MBC Group's precision in certification plays a pivotal role in the Bonnyrigg Redevelopment Project, with significant impacts:

Enhanced Compliance and Safety: Through meticulous certification processes, MBC Group ensured that the redevelopment project adhered to exacting standards of safety and regulatory compliance, laying a solid foundation for the future community.

Streamlined Approvals: The provision of CDCs for individual building works facilitated a smoother transition from planning to construction, enabling timely progress on the project.

This case study highlights MBC Group's expertise in building certification, underscoring the importance of rigorous compliance checks in the broader context of urban redevelopment and community revitalisation. Through its focused engagement, MBC Group contributed significantly to the project's success, ensuring that all new developments were not only compliant but also safe and secure for future residents.

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