FPCC Lidcombe

Project Size
$71.5 million

In late 2018, the NSW Government completed the development of the largest forensics pathology and coroner’s court (FPCC) facility in Australia. The new, purpose-built building is based in Lidcombe and features high-tech facilities that enables comprehensive and timely investigations of sudden and unexplained deaths in NSW.

MBC Group developed a tailored Building Code of Australia (BCA) strategy, which used performance solutions to provide the client with a more flexible approach to design and certification. Our Accredited Certifiers provided valuable BCA design advice at key stages of the project, working closely with various jurisdictions including Justice NSW, NSW Police Force and NSW Health.

In addition to demolition, site clearance works and the development of a three-storey building, the project comprised external works including circulation and security, landscaping, new on-grade car parking and modifications to internal access roads. The project was completed in December 2018, with the first coroner's inquest taking place in February 2019.

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