Sydney Jewish Museum Expansion

Project Size
3,116m² over 5 storeys
$10 million

The Sydney Jewish Museum (SJM) will open an expanded museum precinct by 2027, housing two museums in one. The expanded museum will include a Centre of Contemporary Jewish Life and a Sydney Holocaust Museum. The SJM was founded in 1992 by Holocaust survivors who had made new lives in Sydney after the war. It was opened in Darlinghurst’s historic Jewish War Memorial Hall, and it became a place for survivors to share their memories, commemorate the 6 million Jewish people who were murdered, and provide important messages to future generations about tolerance and inclusion.

With over 55,000 visitors each year, including 28,000 school students, they learn about Jewish cultural life and heritage in Sydney and hear the messages of Holocaust survivors. The museum is planning to expand its footprint to ensure it has an even greater impact in the fight against intolerance, racism and antisemitism. The expansion project will aim to attract nearly twice as many visitors by 2032, growing to 100,000 a year.

The proposed design is sensitive to the heritage importance of the buildings. MBC Group were proud to assist the project team with a NCC audit and capability statement with NCC/Access consultancy input for the design development and construction.

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