MBC Group

Ensuring a better built environment


MBC Group is a leading building surveyor consultancy with capability in the office, retail, industrial, government, education, health, and aged care sectors. 

As a progressive, growing company, we are regularly seeking new talent. 

We mentor all employees in professional development, interpersonal skills, business development and personal growth. 

We are not just looking for relevant qualifications and experience, but for culture fit. 

We live our values of being proactive, personable, collaborative, respectful and adventurous, using these as principles to guide our decisions and behavior. 

Ideal candidates are NSW accredited building surveyors or currently studying for accreditation, with drive, attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills, and commitment to quality. 

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Our Values



Building surveying is a team effort. We are committed to being productive team players, knowing that we’re just one part of bigger, broader process with multiple stakeholders, realising a single vision.


Our responsibilities aren’t just in the here-and-now. We are proactive with clients and stakeholders to create the best the possible outcomes.


We know how important it is to be ‘good at people’. We aim to be relatable, reliable and likeable in all our dealings.


As one small part of many bigger projects, we know that the news we deliver can sometimes be inconvenient, so we endeavor to always deliver our work in a respectful manner.


Life’s too short to take ourselves seriously. While our work may be serious, our workplace doesn’t have to be.