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Gateway@Smithfield is a multi-unit estate and distribution centre just off the Cumberland Highway, in close proximity to the M4 Motorway and Hume Highway. The development includes two large warehouses with shared fire services infrastructure. These warehouses are housing up to eight tenancies with associated offices. Redevelopment of the estate transformed the older style distribution centre into a multi-unit industrial powerhouse, with eight tenancies across two buildings, providing 46,344 sqm of space. The tenancies are designed to maximise flexibility, with units ranging from 4,000 - 7,000 sqm. Each unit comprises modern, flexible warehouse and office space with a warehouse ridge height of 13.7 metres and a mix of recessed and on-grade docks, 15 metre awnings, separate car and truck access, and estate parking for 253 cars.

The estate is 150 metres from the Cumberland Highway and has direct connections to the M4 and M5 Motorways, unlocking fast last-mile delivery.

MBC Group were appointed as the Accredited Certifier and Principal Certifier for this development that involves fire engineering performance solutions for extended travel distances, emergency vehicular access and a rationalised smoke exhaust system.

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