Pheasants Nest Upgrade

Project Size
North and southbound service centres
$53 million

Tourists and regular travellers on the Hume Highway will now benefit from a new Pheasants Nest servo experience with modern facilities, an attractive landscaped area, shaded parking, off-leash dog areas, truck driver’s lounge, a reconciliation garden and Remembrance Driveway Memorial.

Located approximately 70 km southwest of the Sydney CBD, the Pheasants Nest Highway Service Centres are critical pieces of infrastructure and are well known stops for users of the Hume Highway including those driving from Sydney to Melbourne. They were the first dual Highway Service Centres constructed south of Sydney and being more than 30 years old, no longer offered the range of facilities that more contemporary centres provide.

Wollondilly Council approved a detailed development consent for the design, construction and operation of a new highway service centre. The DA provided consent for the following:

- Demolition of all existing structures including fuel storage
- Construction of two new highway service stations, consisting of food tenancies, dining areas, amenities and play areas
- Vehicle parking spaces, including heavy vehicle parking, caravan and bus spaces
- Truck and car refueling canopies and bowsers
- Indigenous heritage reconciliation gardens and Remembrance Driveway memorial
- Outdoor rest areas and tables
- A fenced off-leash dog park
- Electric vehicle charging stations, with space allocation to potentially provide future hydrogen charging
- Sewerage works (located on the northbound site servicing both locations)
- A truck driver’s lounge area within the north and southbound centres, including shower and laundry facilities, a kitchenette with microwaves and kettles, charging outlets, lounge seating and relaxation areas, WIFI access, television facilities and CCTV monitoring of the truck parking area.

The existing northbound and southbound service centres remained operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while the new service centres were being constructed. MBC Group were pleased to be engaged to provide certification services covering design development, document reviews, site inspections and issuance of certificates.

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